Not to Late to come and Join HSA!!!!! All Are Welcomed

Many of you freshman want to get involved in some way or the other. You all have walked around the many different clubs displayed during Quad day and signed up for the clubs that interested you the most. One club that I take a part in is called HSA which is known as Hindus Student Association. I’ve been involved in this club since I was a freshman and I am continuing to join this all throughout my college years at Benedictine. This club is not just for Hindus, but it’s a club that welcomes all kind of cultures; it doesn’t matter who you are, you are all welcomed.

We are a club that educates the students about Hinduism and the reason why we do what we do in our culture. Every Thursdays, we have an aarti, which is a prayer that we do to worship our gods. If there is any specific prayer that some of the students like to do, we do those prayers as well. Every other Thursdays, we have a GBM, which is a meeting with the board members and the students who have joined the club and we, the board members of the club, discuss about our future plans for this semester and the upcoming events that are going to be taking place throughout the semesters. Our club meets in room 022 in the basement of Kindlon, and if your interested you can also checkout our Facebook page which is . Everyone please check it out and join.

Our goal for this year at HSA is hosting HOLI for the first time. Holi, is an Indian festival and it is known as the Festival of Colors. We will be dancing, playing music, having a bonfire and much more. BUT the one thing we need to you all to do is get interested and come out and take a part in this wonderful and fun festival. You don’t need to be Hindus to come and enjoy it can be anyone rather you live on campus or are commuters everyone can come. Bring your friends and family to Benedictine and enjoy as we celebrate the Festival of Colors!

Some of you guys might not know what Holi is, so here is some background history on Holi. Holi is a festival that is celebrated on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (early month of March). During Holi, people come and attend bonfires, spray family and friends with colored powders and water and go wild. Holi originated as an agricultural festival celebrations to welcome the arrival of spring. Holi is also associated with the celebration of love.

So now you all know a little about Holi and about HSA so I hope to see you all on Holi celebrating the Festival of Colors.



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