Meet the Team

Have you ever wondered who has been bringing you awesome games and attractions to your campus? From the Barn Yard Bash, Taffy Apple Night, and Homecoming Dance. There is a wonderful set of hands working to make this college year the best. They are the Programming Board. Their mission is to “enhance the college experience and bring together the University Community by providing student-driven, high quality, social, culturally diverse, educational and entertaining events.”

Programming board is not a club, it is a division of student activities where the members are event planners. On average there are two or three events held each week. Each one is different in their own respect but their level of participation is always the same. Hundreds of students line up for events that rack up throughout the week, including Tie Dye Day and, my personal favorite, Karaoke Night.

Advisor Katie Buell has worked relentlessly for BenU longer than most of the students here. She has worked with an abundant variety of students each year to improve our college experience. And her hard work and dedication has truly shown. Just last week, during the preparation for Homecoming, Katie was constantly on the phone and rushing around to make sure the D.J. and the decorations were met to her standards.

Though a fairly new group, Programming Board was founded in the early 2000s. And in the beginning, things did not run the same as it does now. Around 2005-2006 there were only a handful of students in the program, a large difference from the students Programming Board has now. Back then, events were only held ONCE A MONTH. Basically, that is only three meetings each semester.

Katie says, “It’s pretty cool, how students are able to plan these events. There are so many ideas that they bring to the table, and they always turn out better than what we expected.”

Programming Board meets every Tuesday at 12 in Krasa  Presentation Room. They are always welcoming newcomers to add to their expanding group, as long as you are prepared for the determination and dedication to the BenU student body.

Maybe you could be the next member?


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