Preparing yourself before finals come around

I know some of you students haven’t realized that final exams are just around the corner. Within about two months from now, finals will be popping around and will make you feel really overwhelmed and stressed out. You will be going crazy with sitting with either a group of friends or just by yourself and hitting the books hard. Some things you would be better off starting before time is short, here are some suggestions you can take into consideration.

1. Start studying small chunks of your class material= By taking small chunks of some of your class materials and studying, you can be surprised on how much you are able to remember when the time for finals comes around. You can look over your class lecture notes and refresh your memory, but also it’s helping you learn once again the material that you were taught in class. Sometimes students like to take their notes and rewrite them, I know this may sound like a lot of time is being wasted here, but the outcome of this is that sometimes rewriting what you’ve already wrote helps you remember and helps study for the exam as well.

2. Look at the final exam study guides that your professors post on By looking at the materials that the professor wants you to know for the final really helps your studying process. It helps you review some things that you may have missed or just weren’t paying any attention to when you were in class. When doing the review study guides, sometimes you can even ask your professor to review something that wasn’t clear to you in the study guide and they are more than happy to help you out.

3. Ask the Student Success Center for help= Sometimes you just don’t know what or how to study for the final exams, that’s why you can go to the Student Success Center and ask for some help. The Student Success Center is a great place for anything that you need help with for any of your classes. Here, you can even checkout the tutoring schedule that contains students who will personally help you understand your class materials in a more efficient and understandable way. You can also schedule appointments with specific professors that will help you on a one-and-one level on anything you don’t understand in class.

4. Study with a small study group= Sometimes it’s better if there are more than one head to learn a certain material that is taught in class. That’s why studying with a small group is always another great option. Working and studying with other students can give you another perspective on how to understand certain class material. Sometimes one student may find a simpler and easier way to understand a material and can then teach his or her group of friends on their new strategy. You can always go to the second floor of Kindlon and study with your friends or you can also study quietly on the third floor of Kindlon as well.

TIP= Make sure that on final exam day you have gotten yourself a nice long sleep and come in with a healthy eaten breakfast. Hit hard and go strong 🙂

The great thing about Benedictine University when exams week are around the corner, everyone on campus or even those commuters on campus all go into study mood. Everyone is staying up late to study their class material for their exams, they are all finding times that fits everyone so that they can meet up and study, and etc.. This shows that Benedictine University is all about having their students have the best education and are always there to help their students.


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