Cheap Costumes for College Budgets

We all know that Party City and other costume stores can be a bit expensive for a costume you might wear only once or twice. Which is why it is best to make Halloween costumes, because it is much cheaper!

Costumes for Girls:

  • Miley Cyrus: Wear your hair in circle pig tails, stick your tongue out, wear a Michael Jordan 23 jersey, and the most important part a foam finger. Don’t forget to twerk!
  • Superhero: Wear the superhero shirt, leggings, a tutu, long socks, and their accessories.
  • Boo from monsters Inc.: Pig tails, pink shirt, and blue jeans. Talk like a baby.

Costumes for Guys:

  • Duck Dynasty: Long beard, camo shirt, jeans, camo hat, a duck, and a country accent.
  • Greaser: Jeans, converse, white tee, leather jacket, greased back hair, and a comb.
  • Hugh Hefner: Red robe, white sailor hat, and a cigar.

Group Costumes:

  • Mario and Luigi: Just buy the hats, wear a red and green shirt, jeans shorts with suspenders, or overalls.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Their shirts, tights, colored head bands, and pizza.
  • Minions: Yellow shirt, black gloves, overalls, black goggles.

Couple Costumes:

  • Jay Gatsby and Daisy: The guy can wear a sport coat, and dress pants from the thrift store or their dads. Don’t forget to say “old sport.” While the girl can wear an old homecoming dress or a fringe dress or sequin dress from the thrift store, and a glittery head piece.
  • Cowboys/Cowgirls: Jeans, flannels, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a southern accent.

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