The Perks of a Smaller University

Being a smaller, private university, Benedictine has a lot to offer when compared to other bigger schools. For one thing you have smaller class sizes, especially after freshmen year when you are able to take more classes specifically for you major. The smaller class size gives you the opportunity to have more one-on-one time with your professor. It also gives you a chance to meet other students with the same major whom you will be spending about 3-4 years with. Benedictine also has a small campus, which means you never have to walk more than 10 minutes at the absolute most. Trust me, you realize how much you appreciate it when it gets to the dead of winter or when it’s down-pouring. You are able to print for free and do laundry for free, which is quite convenient. Another benefit of Benedictine is the availability of free tutors that are in the lower level of Krasa for a set amount of time. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to get help with any classes you might struggle with so that you can get the help you need on your assignments and studying to do well in the class. Overall, I’d say one of the biggest things you’ll get out of a smaller campus is that tight community feel. Benedictine is like a very large family. You see familiar faces everyday and feel right at home.


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