You’ve got mail!!!

A lot of student are unsure of how the mailing system works while you’re in college.  Even though you’re using the schools main address in most cases, you have your own mailbox that your mail is placed in. For all students that do not live in the Founder’s Woods apartments, their mailboxes are located in the basement of the Krasa center. Upon arriving to campus on your first day students will receive their mailbox number and combination. This will be your mailbox for your first 3 years here on campus.  It should be clear that only your paper mail will be placed in the student mailboxes, all mail other will be delivered to the on campus mailing room. All packages ,FedEx and UPS, are delivered to the mailing room where students will receive a call when a package arrives for them.  The mail room is open 8:30-5pm.

A few things to remember about using the mail room and student mailboxes.

  1.  Don’t misplace your combination code and mailbox number. If someone else gets a hold of this information they could possibly check your mailbox.
  2. Checking your mailbox multiple times a week will ensure you are not missing out on important information being mailed to you. Also makes for a clean mailbox.
  3. Knowing how to address you mail so that you’re sure you are getting all of your mail. Letters should look like this…

First name last name

5700 college road

Lisle, IL 60532

Mailbox #

4.    Having your phone number on file with the mail room will help them contact you faster when you receive a package. If they cannot reach you by phone there will be an email sent to your BenU email that notify you of your package.

We understand that you’re in college. With so many students ordering books online in the beginning of the school year the mail room sees their fair share of packages. Being understanding and patient with them as they try to sort out the mass amounts of mail that comes through the school everyday will not only help them, but also help you receive your packages a lot quicker. Going back to the mail room 6 times a day will not get your package to you any faster. Most non letter mail (packages) are delivered to the school around lunch or later. If you track your packages like I do, you will know the exact day when it was delivered to the school so there is no waiting game. It is very comforting knowing the exact day you’ll receive those new pair of TOMS or the care package your grandparents sent.


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