What to do on a rainy day!

Its raining, cold and you just want to stay in bed the entire day. Its time for cuddling with your favorite blanket and becoming best friends with Netflix.  We’ve all just wanted to lay in bed on days like these but there are multiple things that you can do that wont require you to have to go out in the rain. And if you have to go out in the rain for class or practice, at least you can spice up your wardrobe with flashy rain boots and a cool umbrella.

Just because it is raining outside, doesn’t mean that you have to be bored inside! Every dorm here on campus has one or multiple lounges that students can utilize for many purposes. Getting your friends together for a study session is the best way that you can use the lounges. With free WiFi throughout the lounges ,everyone can connect their computer with ease and be able to surf the web. With the use of WiFi and Netflix, students can create their own movie nights. Using the HDMI cord to connect your laptop to the TV’s in the lounges you can watch all your favorite movies on the big screen without feeling crammed in your room.

If you’re up for the challenge of walking in the rain if the lounges are not your ideal place to study then maybe the library or Krasa center would work better for you.  On cold and rainy days getting work done probably is not the first thing that comes to your mind, but trust me it will feel a lot better once you get it out of the way.

Going to the gym is also another way to get over the rainy day blues. If you are feeling hungry downtown Naperville has many food options that will satisfy anyone…but it would probably be a good idea to hit up the gym after all those calories.  It doesn’t really matter if you stay in your dorms or venture off of campus for a rainy day. There are still multiple options that you can choose that will keep you occupied and entertained.


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