Halloween at BenU

When going to college holidays are a big thing and a lot of people get really into them. Here at benedictine there are many religions here that celebrate a wide diversity of different holidays which Benedictine tries to help celebrate. One that is coming up pretty fast is Halloween which so happens to be one of my favorites holidays. Here at Benedictine we are one of the most haunted schools in Illinois and around halloween Benedictine likes to show it! Last year Benedictine did a lot of fun activities around campus during the week which made the festivities of halloween fun! Last year they had a haunted ghost walk around campus which told stories about where Benedictine is most haunted and why, it also took you into the grave yard late at night which was very spooky!!! Another fun activity that was loved by residents and commuters was the haunted house on the top floor of Krasa (dinning room). This haunted house was made by students here at Benedictine and was really quite good but also got a great reaction by everyone that went in it! These two activities being the major activities held around campus durning halloween there is also smaller side actives in the dorms like pumpkin carving, best door decorating, best costume and even movie nights to watch halloween movies with people in your building!! Coal ben also host activities as well that commuters can join in like carmel apples, pumpkin carving and popcorn ball making. Overall Benedictine tries to make the holidays more fun around campus by getting involved and creating fun little events residents, commuters and even staff can attend.


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