Finding time to do your homework!

With so many new things that you are tying to get familiar with, finding time to do that five page paper you have due next week on top of the 100 vocab words you have to memorize for bio just does not seam possible. You have 4 classes Monday and Wednesday’s and 3 Tuesday and Thursday with one on Friday, when could you possibly have time for the vast amounts of homework that you will receive for these classes? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Finding your ideal work conditions can help eliminate stress and cut down on procrastination with your assignments.

Knowing what time is ideal for you to get the most work done better your chances of getting your work done on time. If you find that you are more productive mid-afternoon then designate that time to do some work. If you schedule allows you to get most of your work done at the same time everyday try taking advantage of that. It’s important that you try different ways and times to study and get your work done. If one does not show to be effective, try switching it up with a different time. Balancing your schedule also can help you set time aside to do homework.

If you have any free time between your classes, that may be a great time to work on other work you have for your other classes. Throughout the campus you will see students utilizing the various places that you are able to do homework at. The library, Coal Ben, Benches, Birck, and Krasa are all places that you will find students getting work done while waiting  for their next class to start or that have already finished their classes for the day. Like I said before, it is all about being able to balance your schedule and find what works best with your everyday schedule.

When you find that perfect time frame that works best for you and that you are able to get the most work done, you will know it. You will use that time to try and get the most work done so you are not stressing the day before an assignment is due or cramming the night before a test. Finding the perfect time to do get your work done is a skill that will help you far beyond your freshman year of college.


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