A One Day Getaway

Now that school has been going for about a month, the stress and business has really started to sink in. Tests and projects have been piling up left and right, and it’s around this time that you start to feel pretty overwhelmed. Part of it is just the adjustment to being back at school once again. So what better time to take a little break from the hustle & bustle of your student life and get a breather away from campus then now. However, I am NOT saying to blow off your studying and wing everything-that could obviously hurt your grade. What I am saying though, is plan accordingly (study well beforehand and reserve time to study later) and take a chance to give your mind a rest and do something that you find enjoyable.

For me personally, this ‘something’ would be any activity to do with fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season, so I love getting outside and enjoying it as much as possible! Being from Michigan, it is tradition to go apple picking and probably my favorite fall activity. When I first came here last year though, I was shocked to find out that not many people go apple picking and a lot have never even heard of doing it before. Once I thought about the area, it made more sense seeing as Lisle is not exactly close to country areas. However, there are apple-picking places not too far to drive to if you are lucky enough to have a car and/or friend that has one and you’re willing to drive possibly 30 minutes to an hour. Well, I was one of those lucky people with a teammate who decided she wants to take me apple picking this upcoming weekend! I think she could see how much I was dying to go. I’m pretty pumped and you can bet I will be getting some warm apple cider.

Another option for a getaway could be doing something a little crazy and adventurous like some of my teammates and I are doing. That is, one of our friends (the driver for this trip) had us pick a number. That number picked where we would be going to for our trip during a weekend when we didn’t have a meet. For this trip, the plan is to stay overnight at a hotel or such, but there are places out of state that can be visited for a day trip if you’d rather do that. What makes this trip so adventurous is that only the driver knows where we will be going, and that none of us have been there based off of what we’ve told her. Besides being with teammates, this trip is also really nice because it won’t be too expensive due to splitting the costs for gas, hotel, and other expenses.

These are just two ideas of ways to take a breather from student life, but there are so many more options out there! Just don’t get so busy and absorbed in your studies that you’re not enjoying your time in college. Go out there and do something fun. These kinds of memories, and the people you make them with, will be so meaningful to you in the future!


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