We are…. BenU!

Here is an acronym for BENEDICTINE to share with you some of the true values and characteristics of this University!

B Benevolent – We are benevolent at Benedictine University! This university intends to better students as individuals and not for personal gain. We as a Benedictine community work towards bringing good to the world.

E Enthusiastic – From the football games to the lab research we are enthusiastic! Benedictine spirit is present in every nook and cranny of campus. It is the blood that keeps the heart of this campus alive.

N Noteworthy – Benedictine is noteworthy for our outstanding academics. There is undoubtedly a social aspect of this campus, but academics are taken very seriously. We work hard to create a better future for all. Informing today and transforming tomorrow.

E Environmentally Friendly – Benedictine encourages environmental sustainability. All over campus there are compost, recycle, and trash bins. On top of that, this university remains well kept and makes conscious efforts to conserve resources.

D Diversity – Ethnic, religious, and social diversity are all present at Benedictine University! Although  we are a Catholic institution, this campus is incredibly accepting of all cultural backgrounds.

I Involved – Benedictine provides so many opportunities to get involved! There are numerous student clubs and organizations on campus. Along with that the athletics department and all educational departments offer countless opportunities to be involved as well.

C Charity – We as a school are very charitable. We like to give within and outside of our community. There are many clubs, social groups, and the campus ministry that work to help all in need through donations, time, and effort.

T Tiny – Benedictine is tiny in a good way! This university is a small yet expanding, campus. Just because we are small in size does not mean that we are small in what we have to offer.

I Intimate – Our intimate campus setting enables students to have one on one learning experiences that are rarely found anywhere else. Class sizes are smaller than most Universities which allows for close, meaningful educational relationships to form on a student to teacher level and a peer to peer level.

N Notorious – We are notorious for giving out scholarships so that even those who are financially struggling can receive a great education. There are also many on campus jobs available for any students that are interested in making extra income.

E Enriching – In the end, Benedictine provides an enriching educational, social, and cultural experience for its students, staff, and faculty. When you enter Benedictine it is not just  a school that you are welcomed into, but it is a family.


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