Tips for applying for colleges!

It’s your senior year and everyone around you is pressuring you to apply for colleges. “Go here” “apply there”. With so many colleges and universities to choose from one can easily get overwhelmed with the task of picking a school and applying to it. Having a few basic tips in your back pocket to guide you along your college search journey will help you  through your school year, worry and stress free.  You’ll be ready for college and equipped with the tools to have a successful year.

  1. Start early!- Getting a heads up on the application and searching of schools you are interested in will pay off in the long run. Having a feel for what you want and like in a school will make your search a lot more useful. Make a checklist of what you want and do not want in a school, that way you can have a process in which you can rank your schools of interest. Starting early also means having a good semester as a senior in high school. A lot of colleges look at your semester grades when deciding on acceptance. Making sure your GPA is up and you have good community involvement will help your application stand out.
  2. Do your research-Knowing a little about the school you are interested in before applying can be very helpful. Going on the schools website can give you information about things that you may have had a question about.  There is a lot of useful information that can be found on the schools website. Athletics, enrollment, academics and student life are just some of the topics that are showcased on the schools website.
  3. What do you want to do?– Having a good sense of what you want to study in college can also be a determining factor in the school you choose. If you want to be a pharmacist and the school you are looking into does not have a pharmacy program, that may not be at the top of your list of schools. Going to a school that has or excels in the program you want to study can be very beneficial to you.

Having these handy tools with you in the college application process will help better your chances of finding a school that fits you and has everything you are looking for. It should be easy, at times stressful, but its exciting. With college comes a new chapter in your life and you want to make sure that you can take full advantage of it.  These are just a few tips that will make your application process of applying to colleges run a lot smoother.

I hope they helped!!


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