Lisle is home to many college students at Benedictine, but also home to many athletes. Athletes at Benedictine whether it be football, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, or soccer, are very important to our school and our community around school.

There are many benefits in being involved in Athletics at school. For instance, if someone is bored out of their mind one day, a student can simply go online and look up a schedule for a sports team and go watch them play that day. Athletics is also important because it keeps people involved in the community here at Benedictine. For instance, parents who have children playing a sport here might want to come and see them play on the weekends. This can make a whole weekend affair for the school and the athlete.

Being an Eagle myself (baseball), it is important to stay dedicated and represent your team with pride. Athletes at school are supposed to be Leaders. Wherever there is trouble or things going on that could harm someone or something, a Leader is supposed to step in and handle it the way a leader should. “Eagle Up”, is a term we use on the baseball team. This means that we make the right decision in the classroom, we stay on top of our priorities on and off the field, and we make good decisions outside of baseball. Bad decision making not only effects the person making the choice, but others around them. The point I’m trying to make is be smart and make good decisions.

Athletes are LEADERS, and that is why it is so important here at Benedictine because we help each other out around campus; athlete or non athlete.


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