Lisle Area

Benedictine University is not one of those universities that are in the middle of no where surrounded by corn fields. Benedictine is in Lisle which is right next to Naperville, very close to Oak Brook and Yorktown and only 25 miles west of Downtown Chicago. Benedictine is honestly in one of the best locations for a university.

Benedictine is located in Lisle, there is a Walgreens down the street. Going East down Maple Ave there are gas stations, a Chinese, Mexican, and rib restaurant. Also there is Jewel, McDonalds, Taco Bell, LA Tan. There is literally everything you need right there. Going West down Maple there is a 7/11, an amazing Italian Restaurant called Angeli’s and other restaurants. Benedictine is ten minutes away from Downtown Naperville. Downtown Naperville has more restaurants and stores. They have Red Mango, Chipolte, and many others.

Then about twenty minutes away is York Town and Oak Brook Mall, so if you ever need to go to the mall then you do not have to drive far at all. Also, another twenty minutes away is the Aurora Outlet Mall, which is ever better for a college students budget.

I’m from the city and it takes me no more than an hour to get from my house to school which is great. So if you are from out of town  and you want to go to Downtown Chicago because its so awesome to see then you can take the Metra directly to Union Station Downtown.

Benedictine University is a perfect location for any student, and its just one more thing that makes going here so much better!


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