Joining Clubs Related to your Major

Lately I have been involving myself in many clubs and their activities. Just recently, I have joined the club ACS/SPS (known as The American Chemical Society/Society of Physics Students). Since I am a Biochemistry major, I was looking for a club that would look good towards my major and help me with an resume building and career/internship opportunities. ACS/SPS does that and even has public speakers come in that talk about specific research opportunities and anything related to science.

Even though I love science, doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. There are plenty of clubs out there for everyone! Here’s a few that we have here at Benedictine:

  • If you are a Business major, you might be interested in Business Club, Marketing Club, and Investment Club. These clubs invest in real-life stock with a budget that they have and aim to make the most money from what they had. You really learn about the business atmosphere on a first-hand basis and it gives you experience towards your major.
  • If you are Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dental, or Pre-Pharmacy, you might want to check out AMSA (American Medical Student Association), American Red Cross Association, Dental Club, Smiles in the City, and Pharmacy Club! We, also, have a Nutrition Club for Nutrition Majors and others interested in healthy living.
  • Join Best Buddies, Kappa Delta Pi, and Illinois Education Association Student Program (IEASP) if you’re an education/special education major because these clubs strive to be a raise awareness to the public for people with learning and mental disorders, and promote good education in general.
  • For environmental majors, there are clubs such and Kiva Club and S.E.E.Ds that strive to promote environmental awareness and do local community service projects.
  • For writing majors, we have our Benedictine newspaper called the Candor.
  • For political science and sociology majors, there is the Psych/Soc Club
  • For science and math majors, there are clubs like ASC/SPs (as mentioned before), Tri-Beta (National Biological Honor Society), Math Club, and Grade A Chemistry and Physics (which is a student run tutoring organization to promote learning in chemistry and physics).

By joining clubs related to what you’re studying, you can get more experience in your field! Also, heavy involvement in those clubs and organizations is a great resume addition! College is the perfect time to get involved and start doing what you love and want to continue in your future!


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