Being on a sports team!

Whether its a home run, touchdown, or crossing the finish line, Benedictine has the team for you! All of our athletics are part of the Northern Athletic Collegiate Conference (NACC). BenU is home to 12 collegiate sports teams including tennis, volleyball, cheer, softball and both men and woman’s soccer, golf, cross country, track and field, lacrosse and basketball. The school is home to around 481 student athletes.

Being on a team is great, but here at Benedictine your team becomes like your family. For every team there is a preseason that allows the team to spend time with each other and get a better feel of what the everyday routine of the team will be. Teams and coaches use this time to find what works for the individual and the team as a whole. Being a student athlete myself, I’ve had a many preseasons and my time with the others has brought us closer as a team and just made everything flow a lot smoother when it came to meet days. A lot of teams have traditions that they carry out throughout the season. Walking around campus you can tell which students are part of teams by what they are wearing. You will see a lot of athletes eating together at lunch and dinner-not to say that you have to sit with you teammates- but it gradually tends to happen just naturally with students. Here at Benedictine we are a supportive community so you will see various teams attending other sporting events. We all fight for the win and we’re all on the same team when it comes down to it, no one wants their school to lose.

With being a student athlete you are held to a somewhat higher standard than other student because you represent the school when on and off campus. Professors, athletic directors, fans and coaches all know you are on the team and represent the school. Wearing your teams shirt or anything Benedictine means that you are owning and showing you care what people think of you. Being a part of a sports team also has many advantages. Coaches and your fellow teammates are always there for you if you have any questions about the university, classes or something as simple as needing someone to talk to.  These people are here for you to turn to if you ever need to. I cannot stress how much your coaches are there to help you. Not only do they push you on the field, track, or course, but also in the classroom. They are your number one cheerleaders!

I can tell you from being on the cross country and track team that being an athlete here at Benedictine has helped with my college career in so many ways. Not only do you get to play the sport you love you are surrounded by people who love to do the same thing as you. It feels great to have that supportive net around you on and off the playing field. You may not win every match, game or race, but the time you spend building yourself up with your team will not only make you a better athlete, but as a whole, a better person who is ready for whatever the real world has to throw at you!

-Happy reading, Jalen!


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