Being BenU famous!

Not everyone can say that they are the face of their university, but here at BenU that’s not the case. With the help of the marketing department and student ambassadors the university is able to come up with print ads and social media coverage through Facebook, Twitter and the schools website that feature current students. You may not think that is a big deal, but when you are recognized as being the kid on the schools website you can’t help but accept the fact that you are “BenU famous”. I have been lucky enough with my time here at Benedictine to have had the opportunity to be in multiple photo shoots through the marketing department and am featured on the schools website with fellow student ambassadors.

There are plenty of opportunities that students have to represent their school that are not just through sports. Being a student ambassador I was able be a part of Benedictine’s effort to show student involvement. Yes I am getting paid for my time working the shoots, but they are also really fun and let you connect with other students on campus! I think BenU does a really great job at showing the diversity throughout the school with the different photo shoots they do during the school year. I would highly encourage future and current student to take advantage of being a part of something that is so positive that the school is doing!



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