My No Good Very Bad Day

My No Good Very Bad Day

It’s raining, it’s pouring! Yes, fall is here and now the chilly weather is finally making itself known. Unfortunately, I was the only one unaware of this wonderful change. This morning, I woke up completely in the mood to actually look presentable for school. These last few weeks I have stuck to the same outfit (jeans and a sweater) and frankly, I wanted to look cute. So I decided to wear my favorite pleated dress to start off my early Thursday morning. I was going to style my hair extremely curly, put on some make up, and maybe throw on a pair of flats. A fitting look, right? Wrong.

There is nothing “fitting” about wearing a dress at forty-four degrees in the morning. A “smart person” would go back to their room and at least put on some tights or a warmer outfit. But I was too lazy and I was already five minutes late for class, so I decided to stick it out. That also turned out to be a bad idea because it was raining and I had nothing to put over my head or on my exposed limbs. It was bad enough I had to walk in the cold from Jaeger to Scholl but I also had to walk in the pouring rain.

By the time I got to class, my curls were gone, my make-up was smeared,  and I was soaking wet in my dress.

Yeah,….I’m never looking cute again.


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