How to make new friends as a commuter!

With the end of High school and start of college, we all look forward to a new beginning. A clean slate and fresh start! We look forward to making new friends and having a good time while staying focused in our classes. However, with thousands of people from all over the place get together, it seems harder to make friends that are more than just acquaintances. Luckily, Benedictine University is a private school hence a relatively smaller campus. This makes it easier to make friends as we see a lot of familiar faces. Also freshmen are required to attend the three day Welcome Weekend. Believe it or not those days are the best ways to meet new people. I came to Benedictine University knowing not a single soul and all the friends I have now are mostly the ones I met during Welcome Weekend. They have many fun games and activities during welcome weekend and are split into groups. This way you get to be a part of a small group and get to know each other better.

After classes start, there are always events going on like quad day and you can expect to see a lot of students enjoying the music, hots dogs and burgers. It really is hard to attend all the events as a commuter. I myself am a commuter and I know how hard it is to stay on campus without any work to do. But you don’t have to go to every event. Look at the flyers and cross check your schedules. Attend the events that match up with your down time. Join clubs that are related to your major or your hobbies. But be aware not to join random clubs as it gets really hectic and distracting when your trying to juggle classes and multiple club meetings all together. This way you will have something to add on your resume, learn new information and also make new friends. A perfect college experience and a life lived in balance.


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