Living together and making it work

Growing up, I have never had the joy of having my own room unfortunately. Instead, I have always shared with 2 sisters of mine. We had our quarrels of course, but it did prepare me to live with my roommate freshmen year. There was never any major issues, and the small things that did bother me (I am a bit of a perfectionist) I kept to myself because I hate confrontation. We just happened to be opposites,but we got along very well so I was content. However, I have heard many roommate horror stories from my friends. One friend in particular I helped out at the beginning of this year so that she could live with her 2 other roommates in peace. How did she manage this? Well after coming to me beyond frustrated from issues such as leaving the bathroom floor completely soaked after a shower, or muddy shoes dragging dirt into the rooms, and just not picking up after oneself. My friend and I, along with her 4th roommate came up with a plan. This plan was to make a set of rules for everyone to follow. Now although I advise you to make plans as a whole group to avoid feelings of tension, it luckily worked out really well with this group of roommates that only two of them made the rules. They put up the rules in the bathroom (where a majority of the issues seemed to be) and in the hallway. They wrote them in a way so that nobody felt they were being called out and so that they pertained to everyone in the room. Here and there, there are small problems, but they get addressed by confronting each other calmly and politely. So, if you see yourself having issues living with someone else in the future, just remember to handle it together and to be respectful. Getting rude never solves anything.


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