Homecoming Spirit Week!

Homecoming recap

The entire week before the game is filled with activities and events! Our school’s Programming Board, which plans all of the events for students that attend Benedictine. The week of BU spirit events included all of the following:

  • Monday – Game show! This trivia game allowed teams of four to enter for a chance to win a $50 giftcard for each player. It was hosted in our on-campus café and tons of people came to watch and participate.
  • Tuesday – Mr. and Miss BenU! During this showcase, tons of students rallied and competed for a chance to be Mr. and Miss BenU, the student with the most school spirit! Students who entered answered questions and showcased why they should win. Other students voted for them and it was a fun and cheerful event to attend!
  • Wednesday –  Cupcake wars! Teams of 2-4 people competed against each other to decorate 50 cupcakes that related to the “red carpet” theme of homecoming. The most creative team won!
  • Thursday – Tie Dye Day! All Benedictine students were welcome to join in the quad to tie dye a BenU Homecoming t-shirt!
  • Friday – Homecoming Parade and Dance! All of the clubs and organizations of Benedictine were allowed to make floats to add to the parade and take part in the spirit filled activities. Later that night, the homecoming dance took place at Harry Caray’s restaurant, which included a three-course meal with a dance floor and a professional DJ!
  • Saturday – The football game everyone was waiting for! Not only was the game fun to attend, but, afterwards, a bonfire was held that evening in the quad!

All of this was free for Benedictine students and really got the spirit going for the game that Saturday! Homecoming week is always a blast!


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