Dealing with a roommate who doesn’t clean!

You have successfully gotten through the first month of your freshman year. You know your way around the campus and have made a few friends, your dorm shows off a you and your roommates styles. Everything just works! But you look around and start to notice that the garbage is starting to pile up, you haven’t washed your sheets since the first night and there is a strange odor coming from the corner. What do you do? You may not be a neat-freak or OCD about how your room looks like myself, but you know when your room could use a cleaning. So you take the initiative to make a day of cleaning.

You know that you were not the only one who made the room dirty but you decide to clean the whole thing yourself. This is one of many times your dorm will need cleaning, and hopefully your roommate can take some of the load off of you next time. Well, its the next time the room needs cleaning and you find yourself cleaning the room…alone….again. You now notice that most of the mess is coming from your roommate. His/Her clothes are on the floor, he/she left their practice jersey on your chair and the laundry is starting to smell. So you only pick up what is yours and remind you roommate that his/her laundry is piling up. Throughout the year you begin to see a pattern of you doing all of the cleaning while your roommate makes most of the mess.

You could try talking to your roommate about helping out when the time comes to clean the room. Creating a responsibility list will help each of you know what has and has not been done yet. This way, one person is not doing all of the cleaning while one is making the mess.  Just talking to your roommate and letting them know how you feel about it could be one possible solution. If you find that even after talking and creating a list that you roommate still is not pulling their weight with the cleaning it would a good time to go talk to one of your RA’S. They can help you set up roommate mediation and find ways that you two could benefit from. If talking with your RA and trying to find another solution does not work you can always talk to Resident Life. That should be your last stop with any roommate problems. They are always there if you do come across a problem with a roommate.


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