Movies and TV shows to keep you busy

College school work is very stressful and time consuming. However, after you finish your work, you owe it to yourself to take some free time. When I have free time I often watch movies or TV shows to relax and hang out. The TV show that I am hooked on right now is Game of Thrones. This show is based on the critically acclaimed fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. There are not any A-list stars in this HBO show, but what the show lacks in star-power, it makes up for it with a solid storyline.  This show is set in a fictional universe and medieval time period with different families trying to rule the 7 kingdoms of the fictional continent of Westeros. This interesting fantasy epic with rich dialogue utilizes many fantasy elements such as magic, and dragons. The show has been nominated for multiple primetime Emmys and is currently rated as a 9.4 on the Internet Movie Database. A long running show that I keep up with is How I Met Your Mother. This show is currently in its 9th and final season on CBS. The show centers around a single guy who is telling his children the story of how he met their mother. You meet his four best friends along the way, while much laughter is ensued. One of the reasons this comedy is different than any other show on TV is because it frequently plays out overdramatic situations that would never happen in the most elaborate ways possible. Not only that, but the show often uses pop culture to enrich the story and relate to real life. Like Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother has also been nominated for multiple Emmy awards. The classic stereotype of college students is that they obviously have to study and manage their time to get good grades, but they also like to party when relieving stress. One of my favorite shows that portrays this is Blue Mountain State. This raunchy show follows the life of a few division 1 football players at the fictional college of Blue Mountain State and their journey through college. There are numerous celebrity cameos such as UFC fighter Chuck Liddell as well as former NFL stars Bill Romanowski and Brian Bosworth. The shows comedy stems from its ridiculous scenarios that the, not so bright, main characters put themselves in. The outcome of these wacky scenarios is often more absurd than you can ever think of making it a staple for the show. This show also parodies many movies including The Godfather and Fight Club and plays out many cheesy scenarios trying to portray them. Unfortunately Blue Mountain State was cancelled after 3 seasons because the writers could not reach an agreement with the TV channel. Nevertheless, the show was a comedic staple for Spike TV during its tenure that college kids could slightly relate to.


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