Why should you visit a School??

There are many reasons for why you should visit a school before actually saying yes to them! Many reasons why freshmen end up transferring out after their first semester or year is because they actually never came to visit the school. Visiting the school gives you an opportunity to see what a normal day at the school is like. Sometimes you may even have the opportunity to stay the night and get to see what goes on at the campus when there are no classes.

It is also a great way to meet current students; no one knows the university better than the current students. When you talk to the current students that attend Benedictine or any other university they can tell you what they think of the school, or even the pros and cons. Just from that information you can get a good idea on if you’re going to like it or not. Also when you go to visit the school, you get the chance to meet professors that may be helpful if you attend the university.

Let’s say you are an athlete in high school and want to continue playing that sport in college. When you go to visit the school you can get a chance to speak with the coach and learn more about the sport. You can once again meet the current athletes that are participating in the sport that you are interested in. Sometimes you are able to stay the night with the athlete in their room during the weekend. Usually if you are recruited they allow you to do so.

With all these reasons, you should take many aspects in consideration when you are looking into a school. Make sure that you actually like it there, don’t just go there because of money, yes I agree money is a big part of it but so is you enjoying the next four or more years. You want to make sure that you feel like you are at home and welcomed. Another major thing is to make sure they have your major that you plan on going for and a back up major. To end this, the most important thing you must do is visit the school!


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