How to make most of College Visits

College visits are more important than we think! They give us a feeling of how our life would be if we were to live on campus. It allows you to get a feel of whether the school is right for you or not. Without setting foot on campus, your decision becomes harder if you’re are debating between two schools. Hence, as soon as you apply schedule a campus visit and make the most of it.

First of all, take a look at the classroom. If you don’t want to be just a number in the classroom then ask how big or small a typical class would be. It is very important to know about how big the classes are because the smaller the classes the more one on one interaction you can with your professor. Also don’t be afraid to ask the tour guide about their personal experiences and why they chose the school they go to.

Next, when you get to the library, look for potential study areas. Ask the tour guide to show you designated quiet areas or any other spot which would be a nice place to sit and study.  Doing so, you can be sure that you will have somewhere to escape the noisy areas and study in peace.

Finally, ask a lot of questions! Often students who have already been through first year of college can give you better advice than anyone else. They can tell you exactly how it is like to be a student and what get an insight on their daily lives to picture your future better. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and make the most of your college visit!


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