Mr. & Mrs. BenU: Homecoming Week!

Here at Benedictine homecoming is in full swing on campus. So many activities and events are going on all throughout the week. One in particular includes the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. BenU. This is a pageant type competition where students are judged in the categories of formal wear, spirit wear, talent and a series of questions.  This year a few teammates and I decided to enter the competition!

For the contestants that enter the in the contest there are gift bags while the two winners, (Mr & Mrs BenU) receive a $50 gift card. The event is a great way to showcase a talent you have all while winning a gift bag. This is just one of the many events programming board puts on the week of homecoming. Other events that are hosted throughout the week include a trivia night, an impressionist, the tie-dying of shirts as well as the dance and homecoming game.

Homecoming is a jammed packed week of events that allow students to win prizes, show their school spirit and have a great time. Even if you do not plan on going to the dance you can still enjoy the full excitement that surrounds homecoming.


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