Football Games

Its that time of the year again! Everyone loves football, especially when you are cheering for your school. Just like in high school when you loved going to football games, it is just the same in college. But football games are better at Benedictine University.

Going to football games is my absolute favorite thing to do on the weekends. Getting ready to cheer on all your friends and school is such a fun experience. Paint on your cheeks, wearing a black shirt because the game is a blackout makes the game so much better. Everyone goes to the football games because Benedictine has so much school spirit.

During half time, the cheerleaders and the dance team the Red Hots perform. After their performance they give out free shirts and headbands to pump up the crowd for the rest of the football game. The rest of the game is the best part of the entire game.

The last two quarters of the game are the most suspenseful, because we can loose or win at any moment. That is why during the last two quarters the crowd goes crazy, screaming, and shouting to cheer on our team to win. Whether we win or loose, it was still a fun and great time to hang out with friends and cheer on our team and school.

Football games are the best part of the weekend that everyone looks forward to. You get to hang out with friends, get free school shirts or headbands if you’re lucky, and just have a great time! Make sure to go to games and have a great time!


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