Don’t Rain on Our Parade

The Tradition 

Homecoming last year was very significant to the University because it was the 125th celebration of Benedictine’s existence. In those 125 years Benedictine has transformed from St. Procopius to Illinois Benedictine College to its most current title of Benedictine University.  In more recent history it has been Benedictine University’s long standing tradition to have a Homecoming Parade. This year’s 2013 Homecoming theme is “Rolling out the Red Carpet” and hopefully there will be a great deal of eagle spirit poured out into decorating the floats!

The Preparation

The evening before the parade is truly when the competition begins. All student groups, clubs, boards, etc. are invited to participate. For example, each hall council, Senate, Programming Board, Black Student Union, AMSA, and more have been involved in the previous parades. All groups are allowed to buy supplies prior to the evening, but they are all prohibited from advanced assembly of their floats! As soon as the clock strikes 8pm on Thursday night the creativity is UNLEASHED in the parking garage! It is a fun and friendly atmosphere with music and snacks.  As soon as the time is up the decorating must stop! The police then watch over the floats all evening and keep students from damaging them in the early morning hours prior to the parade (not that anyone would attempt to do that anyway).

Show TIme 

In the late morning hours of the Friday of every homecoming week is when the this exciting parade take place. Whether rain or shine the show goes on and candy will be thrown! Throughout the years, the route of the parade has changed. In most recent years it starts at the parking garage then travels the main frontage road in front of Birck Hall until it reaches the driveway entrance between Lownik Hall and Scholl Hall. The last leg of the route happens right in front of Scholl Hall as the floats head towards the Rice parking lot. In front of Scholl Hall there is an announcer and a tent of judges that rank each float in creativity, spirit, and design. Following the parade the staff, alumni, students, and rest of the Benedictine community are invited back to the University’s barbeque picnic. Then after lunch and much deliberation of the judges the first, second, and third place winners are announced! Although all are determined to receive recognition, in the end most participants are happy that they had the privilege to experience this unique Benedictine Tradition!


Come check out this years parade on Friday, October 11th at Noon!


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