Things to do around the area

Luckily for us Benedictine students, the campus is located only a mile away from Naperville, which one of the largest towns in all of Illinois. In my free time I often travel to downtown Naperville where there is many sources of entertainment. These sources of entertainment range from restaurants, to walking/running paths, to artificial beaches, and much more. One of my favorite places for a quick and easy meal in downtown Naperville is Five Guys. I have never heard of Five Guys until I came to Benedictine a few years ago. The restaurant is a bit pricey, but I still believe that it is worth the money with all the food you get.

Anyways, just a few blocks away from Five Guys is my favorite desert place in the area: Cookie Dough Creations. At Cookie Dough Creations you can create your own cookie dough masterpiece such as cookie dough brownies, cakes, and even sandwiches. If your sweet tooth is not satisfied after Cookie Dough Creations there is also Naper Nuts & Sweets candy store just a block away. This store offers every type of candy you can think of from sour gummy bears, to double dipped peanuts, to amaretto dark chocolate truffles all measured by the pound.

After eating all of that food it may be time for a work out. Luckily for you downtown Naperville is a very densely populated area making walking the easiest way to travel. Walking between all the aforementioned stores may be a workout in itself, but the best place for a nice stroll is down the Naperville Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is almost a 2 mile stretch of brick paved paths, fountains, and beautiful sculptures down the West Branch of the DuPage River. If you are not completely sold on the Riverwalk the best part about it is that it is absolutely FREE. I highly recommend everyone check it out at least once. Walking around downtown Naperville and the Riverwalk can be exhausting after a while so I would recommend you cool of at the Centennial Beach. This area is enclosed in about 6 acres of land with an artificial sand beach, diving boards, and swimming depths for swimmers of all ages.


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