Don’t be shy – Ask questions!!

You may think that just showing up to class is enough to get you an A, and that may very well be the case for some.  But chances are you’re not that talented. There’s more to class than just showing up-you have to actually do work. And yes, that includes asking questions.

For a lot of students asking questions is so out of the norm. Being in a class where you don’t know anyone and everything is unfamiliar to you can be very challenging for first year college students. If you need any clarification from your professor then you should not be hesitant to ask them. For the most part you will not be the only one who has a question about a topic. If you feel like what you want to ask is not important or if you feel embarrassed to ask a question just know that someone else in the class has the same question.

Your professors are there to help you and answer any questions that students may have. Even if you are uncertain about something your professor is teaching, ask questions. It is always better for you to ask too many questions, than few too many. Emailing your professor or staying after class to talk about a subject are others ways to stay informed if you feel uncomfortable with talking in front of the class.

You’ll never know what you don’t know unless you ask question!


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