Making your dorm room feel like home.

You walk into your new dorm room and all you see is a bed, desk and a wardrobe. A room with nothing but white walls and a floor. You’re thinking, how can anyone live here, right? Moving into your new dorm can be very overwhelming for many students. Trying to make your new room feel like home can be done in many ways and with different styles.  For the most part, pictures, posters and lights are used to personalize the dorm rooms. With a few exceptions, a lot of rooms are on the modest side with decor. But pictures and posters are not the only thing that are used to make your new room feel a little more like your own..

With all new furniture in all the dorms, students now have the option to bunk their beds, creating more room for adding smaller furniture like chairs, futons and couches. You can arrange the furniture in a way that suits both roommates and offers the most space for you. Adding smaller projects and details to your room makes for a more personalized room.

  • Lights: Hanging a string of lights in your room on bed, walls or around your desk allows you to have access lighting without having the main room lights on.
  • Pictures: You want to remember the people you’ve grown up with, and hanging pictures in your room helps you keep those memories close with you. There are different ways in which pictures can be displayed throughout the room.  The traditional use of picture frames are a good idea, but with limited surface area the more ideal way of showing off your pictures are on walls, collages, and streaming from somewhere. Hanging your pictures on your lights with clothes pins is an easy DIY project that is sure to get noticed by your friends.
  • Posters: Everyone has that favorite poster that they just love to look at. Well you don’t have to give up your love of a poster just because you’ve moved. Pinning up posters is very common and a good way to express yourself while in the dorms. Add posters of your favorite movies, shows or characters.
  • Futons, couches and chairs: When you move into the co-ed dorms, Neuzil, you have more room and the ability to add more furniture to your room. Many students bring futons, chairs and couches to add more of the much needed seating in the rooms. Having the beds bunked in one room and all of the other furniture in the other is a way to have a room that functions as a living/TV room.

No matter how you dress your room up this year you will always find more ways to add this or improve the look of that. For many of the students living on campus, the dorms are a place where they can express themselves and still have that “at home feeling” while still being away from home. Your dorm room is your home for your time at college. Make it your own, adding personal touches makes it that much more of your space. Dress it up the way you like and what works for you!


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