Volleyball is On Fire!

On Wednesday, September 25th, the Benedictine Women’s Volleyball Team defeated Illinois Wesleyan University at home, of which are one of our biggest competitors. And the day before, the 24th, won against Alverno College. Not only was the game intense and taken to a 5 set game, but the student body supported the volleyball team throughout the whole game and the student section was filled with red-wearing Benedictine students cheering like no other! The atmosphere of the game was emotional in all senses.

Even when two of the Benedictine players were injured during the game, everyone rose for a standing ovation in honor for the two players when they walked off the court! Even with one of their best starters on team injured and substituting a sophomore player to the court, Benedictine took the win in the 5th set and within two points of Wesleyan!

I sat (well more like stood up and jumped and cheered!) in the student section in our Rice Athletic Center and it was amazing! Our student body came together to show tons of school spirit, soaked and bleeding red in the stands, and cheered until we didn’t have voices! The atmosphere was great and the Eagle Volleyball Team really rose above and accomplished their goal! The energy from the crowd and the intensity on the court was a beautiful sight! It was a great day to be an Eagle!

Being conference champs last year, this year’s Benedictine Volleyball Team is looking to a bright future and, hopefully, another championship!

You can read the full article and watch the post-game videos at: http://www.benueagles.com/news/2013/9/25/WVB_0925130704.aspx?path=wvball

Go Eagles!


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