Clubs and groups on campus

Being a marketing major it is implied that most of the clubs that I am involved in at Benedictine are business related. However, in this post I will blog about a few different clubs from academics,  athletics, and  social clubs on campus. To start things off an academic club that can be beneficial to everyone is the Marketing Club. I am currently the  vice president of the Marketing Club here at Benedictine and I would highly recommend everyone, especially business majors, to join. I am not saying this out of bias, but in Marketing Club we focus on important career tools such as networking and resume building. No matter what major you are, when applying for a job, you must submit a resume. A spectacular resume could be the difference between landing a job and not even getting an interview.

If you are looking to hit the gym then you are in luck because Benedictine has many workout classes that aim for its participants to have a good time, meet new friends, and get in shape at the same time. One of the most coveted fitness classes here at Benedictine is cardio kickboxing. In this class participants kick, punch, and perform aerobic activities to build strength all while listening to music to set the tone of the class.

One of my favorite clubs I am involved with on campus is Best Buddies. In this club college students are paired with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). The goal of this club is to establish a global volunteer movement that creates one-on-one friendships, as well as integrated employment and leadership development, for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At Benedictine, college students are paired with individuals with an IDD to help create these friendships and opportunities. My experience in best buddies has been extremely rewarding to me. My buddy and I are both very into sports so we would hang out and watch the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls etc.. At first it may be a little awkward because you do not know your buddy, but after a while you really start to get to know them and then the experience becomes very enjoyable and rewarding.


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