A safe campus is a happy campus!!

Here at Benedictine we strive ourselves on being ranked as the safest four-year school in Illinois (third among all Illinois colleges and universities). Our campus police are among the best for a 4 year institution. Recently they became the first private university law agency to be accredited through the Illinois law enforcement accreditation program.  These are just a few examples of how Benedictine is paving the way in campus safety. Campus security can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is very convenient for students. They are housed in the parking garage and are always happy to help students. And even if you are not a student and have a question or concern they are willing to assist you.

If you are ever in a situation that you are not comfortable with; whether that be with at a campus event, with someone on campus, or with a visitor that is on campus, campus police are more than willing to help you in any situation. They are there for the greater good of everyone on campus. With students inviting their friends to campus, different events that are on campus and the occasional wanderer there is bound to be people on campus that you do not know. If there is someone who seems to be walking around with no real destination then you can feel free to let campus police know and they will follow up on the report. With the help of students, campus police are more effective at doing their jobs and making sure that the campus is safe. Students that are carrying out the rules of campus make the jobs of campus security a lot easier.  Not only does campus police enforce the law and keep campus safe, they are there if you are locked out of your car, are in an accident on campus, or simply getting your parking permit.

As a sophomore I have gotten to know the different officers on campus…something I recommend doing when you get here! You never know when you will be in a pinch and need the help of campus police. I would say getting to know the officers, or at least their names is very beneficial to the students and to the university. The officers are familiar with you and check up on you when they see you walking around campus. Some students may think that having campus police knowing your name and dorm building is a bad thing, but I have found out that they really take their jobs seriously and very much so care about the safety of the students here on campus. It is all about showing them respect. If you respect them and think before you act, they will respect you and you’ll think they’re pretty cool people but if you choose to do bend the rules or question their authority they will arrest you and you can be fined and put in jail. I say just do what you’re suppose to do as a student. Yes people will do dumb things in college, but you shouldn’t be making the same mistakes over and over again.

Campus police are your friends, whether you think so or not. They keep campus safe and make sure you as students can enjoy your college experience to the fullest. Just remember, A SAFE CAMPUS IS A HAPPY CAMPUS!!


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