Props of D3 athletics

Coming into Benedictine as a Sophomore, I felt like i had a better feeling of what college was. I wasn’t so nervous or scared of how class and homework would be. I felt confident and this confident led me to quad week which is where I walked around looking at all the different clubs and sports that are available to try out for. One of these being women’s lacrosse, last year was there first year being a college D3 sport here at Benedictine. Which I think is so cool, it is a new sport that is trying to branch off from Benedictine and become popular here. As I approached the table I thought she would say it is only for people who have played or have been recruited but I was totally wrong!! Instead she welcomed me with big arms saying it doesn’t mattered if you haven’t played they are welcoming any girls who are willing to put in the time and effort throughout the year. This caught my attention pushing me to look it up online and even better practiced with girls on the team who were willing to help me and teach me the game which I have learned to fall in love with! So after practicing all week this past weekend i decided to take the step and commit to the team. So I am now a women’s lacrosse player!! From t

his I learned don’t be afraid to try new things and push yourself to ask questions and investigate, but also appreciate the level of D3 sports and remember everyone is welcome to join and if you are interested take the extra step and push yourself to do it because I am so happy I did!


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