Favorite Time of the Year-FALL

25 Things to Love about the Fall:

  1. Anything and everything you can think of is now available in Pumpkin flavor
  2. Pumpkin carvings to make awesome decorations #goinggreen
  3. Changing of the leaves #breathetaking (Morten Arboretum right down the road!)
  4. Orange, Green, Red, and Yellow really do go perfectly together
  5. Cinnamon and Apples decide to give their relationship another try
  6. Crisp morning air, perfect weather #longsleevetshirts #jeans #crunchingleaves
  7. Halloween- glorified candy day #sugarrush
  8. Dress up as whoever/whatever you want! #incognito
  9. Honey crisp apples are actually affordable $$$
  10. Football season (Yay Cross Country Season also!)
  11. Bye bye bugs see you next summer!
  12. Pumpkin patches and Apple Orchards with hay rides, corn maizes, scarecrows, petting zoos, painting pumpkins
  13. Did I mention apple donuts and apple cider?
  14. Oh and candy apples, candy corn, candied pecans, and Reese in the shape of pumpkins. Plus more candy.
  15. Thanksgiving. Enough said.
  16. Black Friday. #moneysavvy
  17. Thanksgiving break= no school
  18. Stuffing. Rolls. Mashed Potatoes. Sweet Potatoes. #Carbs
  19. Everyone is in a good mood!
  20. Sweaters and Scarves instead of bikini’s #readytoeat
  21. #family
  22. #turkey
  23. #tradition
  24. Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, and Goblins
  25. Haunted Houses

… Just to name a few : )

Right Click on the Pictures for things to do Locally!


3 responses

  1. So many #hashtags, Sydney! I loved reading this though!

  2. […] Favorite Time of the Year-FALL (benuambassador.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Very cute and clever Sydney! The only thing I think you forgot was Fright Fest!

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