The Barn Yard Bash

On Saturday, September 28th from 7:30-11:00pm Benedictine’s Programming Board hosted the University’s first annual Barn Yard Bash. The night was absolutely epic!  In weeks prior, as the word began to spread through campus, it became very apparent that a large portion of the student body had a musical heart for good ole country tunes! Who would have thought? Students all over campus began to buzz over this highly anticipated country themed night.

The night of the event was a blast! Doors opened at 7:30pm and the first one-hundred guests received a free bandana, cowboy hat, and light-up boot mug. People were thrilled and fighting to be first in line! The campus’ Coal Ben was decorated with red and white checkered table clothes, sweet candlelit lanterns, and a “wanted sign” photoframe cutout.  Outside of the Coal Ben was a fenced-off beer garden for those of legal age and barbeque for all to partake in. The barbeque dinner consisted of pulled pork, fried chicken, fruit, and a rootbeer keg! To top it all off, the up and coming band, Back Country Roads, was invited to perform.

Back Country Roads knocked the students boots off! They are a cover band that played all of the newest country hits. They could sing everything from Blake Shelton to the Band Perry to Little Big Town in perfect pitch the whole night long. There were three main singers, a man, woman and young man of only twenty years of age. All of them had incredible talent, but without a doubt the twenty-year old stole the show with his smooth voice and incredible guitar skills. The other band members consisted of a bass player, drummer, and a person in charge of the sound board. They  got the entire crowd dancing and singing along the whole night through! Overall, the night was a complete success and one that the students will never forget!

For any additional information on Benedictine’s Programming Board or the Back Country Roads Band checkout:


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