Do you like to sing?

If you love to sing then this is for you! Who doesn’t love karaoke? Everyone does! Karaoke is one of the most fun nights in the Coal Ben. Karaoke night is once a night every few months. People can sing in duets or solos. Some people sing just for fun while others sing because they love to. Karaoke is always a good time and to make it even better the best duet and solo win a prize! So if you ever go to karaoke to sing make sure to do your best!

Karaoke starts at 8:30 P.M. until 11:00 P.M. Make sure to get there early because Coal Ben is always packed! Also, don’t forget to grab a snack or smoothie before you sit down. In order for one person to sing karaoke they have to go up to the DJ and write down their name and request a song. Not everyone goes to sing, others just like to go and watch everyone. Once people turn in a few songs then karaoke will begin!

The first person to go is always the most nervous because all eyes are on them. After every performance there is a round of applause. There are some people who sing and they give you goose bumps because they are so good. While others are duets who sing just for fun and entertainment. At the end of the night after all of the performances, the DJ picks the best duet and solo and they each win a gift card.

Karaoke is definitely a fun night that is worth going to, so make sure you make an effort to go because you won’t regret it!


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