Campus Police

Benedictine University is the #1 safest four year university in Illinois thanks to our campus police officers. This is very comforting for students and parents to know that our police officers take their jobs serious. Campus police are always driving around campus, day and night, to make sure our campus is safe for all students. Our police officers truly do care about our students and go that extra mile to make sure everyone feels safe.

Our police officers are always on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our police officers do so much more than give out drinking and driving tickets to students. Campus police can unlock any dorm room if a student forgets their key or ID, they can jump start any student’s car if it is dead, and they can unlock a car if you forget your keys in the car. Also, if at any time during the night if anyone is feeling unsafe on campus, a police officer will come and personally walk anyone to their dorm room from anywhere.

The police station is located in the first floor of the parking lot.  The police department is the place to go if someone lost their student ID to get a new one or to get a parking pass. It is also the place to go if someone looses an item, because they have a lost and found. Campus police are just a phone call away and they are always there for students.


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