A New Year, A New Beginning

Just like New Years, a new school year opens up plenty of opportunities to make new goals for the upcoming school year! Now that school has started (last week to be exact!), there’s time to make all of your goals for this school year happen and continue to strive towards them early in the semester! Here’s a few things that anyone can do to get their school year on the right track early on:

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT: Make an effort to NOT PROCRASTINATE! This is difficult for everyone. BUT, if you start doing your homework/studying, planning ahead, and making a schedule right away, you can eliminate that feeling of anxiety and rushing things when you procrastinate. Don’t wait until the last minute!
  2. Get involved! This school year you might be interested in joining more clubs on campus and, especially, getting involved in those clubs! On every college campus there are a variety clubs from spirit, academic, volunteer, and services clubs. You might have a particular interest in a certain subject that you’d like to check out, or you’re already in a club and want to participate more or achieve a leadership position within your club. Either way, make time around your studies to start getting involved!
  3. Get a job! This school year find out about campus employment early because most employers on campus have early deadlines for applications! You can work in food services, the library, study centers, the mail room, the tutoring center, the admissions department, the financial aid department, and many more places around campus. Or if you’re interested in an off-campus job, keep applying to tons of places around your school because there is competition for those jobs, as well. Either way, I encourage you to do something that you would enjoy, but would, also, be convenient with your school schedule.
  4. Improve your grades! Everyone has those regrets that they could have done better in their classes the previous year. Well this year is the time to turn that around. By using your campus’s resources (like the tutoring center, your professors’ office hours, and study groups with your peers), you can easily get extra help with classes and prepare for quizzes and tests. This does tie in with time management. So take full advantage of these resources and get better grades this semester!
  5. Have a fun year! Maybe last year you didn’t have the chance to go to as many on-campus events or plan events on the weekends with friends. So this year, make sure you enjoy your college experience to fullest and have fun!

For all of your goals, I definitely encourage you to make a schedule. Whether you’re writing everything down in a planner or inputting all of your tasks into your smartphone calendar, this sets you up for perfect time management and achieving all of your goals! Have a great new school year!


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