Unique classes at Benedictine University!

As a freshman, you have a mandatory meeting with your advisor to sign up for your fall semester classes. Some advice-go prepared and ask questions to make your college transition as smooth as possible. Although it may seem easier to take all your general education classes( Writing 101, Humanities, etc.) and get them out of the way, it actually is the last thing you want to do. Start taking classes that are related to you major and better yet, make a four year outline of which classes you want to take each year.

At first the basic classes might seem boring, but they do get interesting and there are many other higher level classes to keep in consideration. I am a Health Science major and am interested in Cardiology. I thought that there were no classes that could introduce me to cardiology and that college is going to be a drag. One day I decided to browse through the course catalog. I looked under Health Science and what do you know, there were multiple classes that were in my field of interest. Who knew! I was so excited. I also came across a class for students who are interested in Health Care.

Here at Benedictine, students are offered a class that gives you the opportunity to shadow health care professionals and accumulate up to 75 hours of real life experiences. It is the perfect opportunity! I was amazed and motivated to do good in my basic common core classes to be able to take higher level classes. So don’t be discouraged. Take a look at the course catalog, talk to your advisor and get your moneys worth by doing and learning what you love!


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