Why you should get a campus job

The good thing about getting a campus job is that the hours are really flexible. You can set up  times and dates for when you want to come into work.  When living on campus, it’s really easy to get a job.  However, at the beginning of each semester a lot of students are eager to get jobs so that’s why you have to look ahead of time.  The good thing about having a campus job is that it’ll give you great job experience and communication skills.  The position of being a student ambassador is working with the enrollment department. A student ambassador creates blogs for the school and give tours to high school students who are thinking about  attending Benedictine University. The great thing about this job is that it helps me get  out of my comfort zone and actually interact with other people. This allows me to get ready for my career ahead! Getting a job on campus can also mean making new friends  or even working with your friends on campus! This makes working much more fun. Another thing about getting a campus job is that you can work between your breaks.  For example, if you just finished class at 10 A.M. and you have a three hour break in between you can work those three hours and then go to your next class. This makes it easier on your schedule and you don’t have to work long hours after your class.

All in all, there are a lot of perks about getting a job on campus. Always remember, when looking for a job look ahead of time because positions fill up fast!



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