Intramural sports are perfect for multiple reasons! You can play a sport without being on a competitive college league, you can be a beginner to a new sport you’ve never played before, you can stay fit and active, and there’s plenty of opportunities to meet new people!

There are tons of sports including traditional sports like flag football, volleyball, sand volleyball, basketball, bowling, 16 inch softball, and soccer. Also, there are also some out of the ordinary sports such as laser tag, dodge ball, ping pong, virtual golf, badminton, bean bag tournaments, and poker tournaments. By being a student at Benedictine, these teams are free of charge and, for some sports like laser tag and bowling, transportation to the laser tag zones and bowling alleys are also included. The leagues use our fields in our sports complex and the facilities and courts in the Rice Center (our fitness and sports building). The intramural leagues usually meet once a week in the evening so that there are not many classes in session. By having it once a week, it is completely convenient to fit it into your schedule and is not time consuming at all. If you are a resident or a commuter, it is still easy to commit to an intramural team and well worth it!

I did intramural volleyball and sand volleyball last year and I loved it! I had a blast making a team and meeting new people on opposing teams! This year I plan on doing plenty more intramural sports and making teams with new friends that I have met this semester.

You can check out our “Get Rec’d” sports page at!


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