S.E.E.D.s.-Students for Ecological and Environmental Development

Summer is over and school is finally here! which means that it’s time to join clubs and get active in school! A new club that has been recently introduced at Benedictine University is S.E.E.D.s. ( Students for Ecological and Environmental Development). S.E.E.D.s is an environmental friendly club that educates students  on environmental and ecological problems and also contribute to community services. Being part of this club looks great on recommendation letters and resumes! I am fortunate enough to be able to be part of the S.E.E.D.s. club. I am the board member who is in charge of fundraisers and club sponsors.

One of the activities we do on campus is  personalize the community garden. The community garden is where students and faculty are able to plant their own plants and view beautiful flowers. This makes our campus more appealing to other students.

Another thing we would like to contribute in order to help the environment is recycling around school. A system that was introduced to Benedictine University is Composting. Benedictine University received $46,000 grant from (F-SCRAP) from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. This grant allows us to divide food scraps properly in the dining hall and other places in the building. Recently, there was a volunteering opportunity to help with composting during breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

Since this club was just introduced this semester, we are still planning exciting events that all students can contribute to.  If you are planning to attend Benedictine University come check out S.E.E.D.s and share any possible ideas that would help the campus to go green!


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