Making Your Dorm Feel Like Home

All dorm rooms don’t have to be dreary places. You have to create the environment that you want to live in. Putting a little personality into your room can make you feel less homesick, more relaxed, and give you a better college experience.   Here are a few simple tips to help:

  • Just bring that stuffed animal. Everybody needs a cuddle buddy. Nobody will judge you.
  • Make it smell yummy. I reccomend anything that smells like baked goods.
  • Bring Pictures. Surround yourself with the pretty faces of people who love you 🙂
  • Go on Pinterest and look up ways to hang those pictures. My favorite is hanging them on Christmas lights with clothes pins. I’m currently doing this in my room. It’s beautiful.
  • Bring a bean bag chair/futon/fluffy sitting device. Nobody likes to sit on the floor!
  • Hang Quotes! Quotes are fun. Quotes are inspirational. Quotes will make you feel better when you’re having those rough days 🙂
  • Go to Target. Because Target = happiness. It also has everything a college student needs in life.

Now you can proceed to make all your friends jealous of your new awesome room!


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