Learning from my 1st year to make my 2nd year better

As much as anyone hates making mistakes, they are so very important to making one’s life better in the long run. That is, if you choose to learn from your mistakes and make improvements. This being said, I can definitely say that I made some mistakes my freshmen year. They all seemed like little things at the time, but in the end they turned out to have a bigger impact on my 1st year of college than I had realized.

For one thing I was tired. All. The. Time. Although being involved in cross country and track with early morning practices, and sometimes 2-a-day practices while balancing school work is tiring, but that was no excuse. I still had the control to balance everything, I was just making poor choices. For instance (and I’m afraid to admit this seeing as I am a nutrition major) I wasn’t staying hydrated. I have never really been a big water drinker. The only time I would drink just plain water was if I felt really thirsty, otherwise it was just green tea for me. Drinking water is so, so important though. Even though I knew this, it’s  never really hit me until I actually increased my water intake and started feeling significantly better. Being hydrated helps you stay energized, and thus helps keep you focused in class. I could honestly go on and on about the benefits of drinking water, but it would be a little ridiculous. I just want you to take from this that drinking lots of water can really make you go from feeling sleepy and groggy to fresh and energetic.

Another mistake I was making was procrastination, which had a quite the domino effect on other things. For example, I would hold off studying until the evening, when I felt I could work best. However, after dinner I would linger with my teammates…which lead to doing something unproductive (like watching a movie), which than cut into my study time. So by the time I was actually in my room and pulled out my notes to study, I was tired and dreading my early morning practice. I did stay up late and study despite early morning practice, but it would have been smarter to go to bed earlier and be productive throughout the day in between classes. This way I could have some free time with my teammates, while still getting to bed at a reasonable hour so I could give my best effort during practice and classes.  Also, due to being tired when I was studying and not putting in more time and effort, I had a lot of cramming to do before tests to make up for wasted time, which we all know is not the best way to learn material.

These are mistakes that I am happy to say I have learned from and have used to improve upon this year-and let me tell you, it is making a huge difference!


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