Balancing Act

Classes have finally started and that dreaded feeling of stress is starting to creep back into our lives. Whether you are new or returning to BenU this year, you probably have more on your plate than you did this summer.  It’s important to realize that school is all just one big balancing act and there are ways to make sure you don’t want to pull your hair out each week :).  I am no stranger to this feeling.  This year I’ll be trying to balance the cross-country team, difficult classes, and possibly two campus jobs. Here are some things I’ve been attempting to do so my head doesn’t explode:

1) GET A PLANNER. I legitimately cannot stress this enough. It can be either electronic or the old fashion notebook way, but make sure you have a place to record everything you have to do.  I found a pretty planner at Barnes & Noble and that thing has been attatched to me ever since!

2) Don’t save everything for the night before it’s due. Sometimes it’s tempting to do this, but it’s definately caused me to dig myself in a hole a few times. You’ll end up having one night to do everything and then having to rely on caffeine to get you through the next morning.

3) Just go to bed! There is no use doing something while you’re dead tired. The quality of the work will decrease and you won’t be ready for the next day’s challenges. This is really important for athletes (especially the ones with 6 a.m. practice like me).

4) It’s O.K. to be spontaneous. You don’t have to have your entire life planned out.  If the oppurtunity to do something fun presents itself, take advantage of the mental break! Just not every time.

5) Stay focused. When you are involved with multiple things ( classes, sports, jobs, clubs, etc.), It’s easy to let your mind wander to the many things you have to do while you’re in the middle of something.  Pay attention to the task at hand. If you’re sitting in Chemistry class, don’t obsess over how your soccer game or race is going to go later in the day. Take one thing at a time.

I hope you all have a super amazing stress-free year! Or at least try to. 🙂


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