Academic Do’s and Don’ts

As the summer is winding down, that means incoming freshman are ready to leave the nest and start a new chapter in their lives. With a new found freedom and excitement, it can be overwhelming at times. The most important thing to remember is to focus on your studies and be involved with Benedictine as much as possible! Learning how to balance your academics with your personal life is key; if you can do this, these next four years will be a breeze. Here are a few steps of “Academic Do’s and Don’t” but most importantly have a fun year!


  • Make sure to order your books and be prepared for class
  • Check D2L (Desire to Learn) on a regular basis
  • Check your Benedictine email on a regular basis
  • Attend class!!! Attendance is important here at Benedictine
  • Use the Student Success Center; it’s there for a reason, take advantage of it
  • Study and do homework
  • Use the library resources
  • The library is a great place to do homework and study for exams
  • Computers/printers are available in Krasa and at the lounges in the dorms
  • Get plenty of sleep, no one wants to be exhausted for class


  • Don’t order your books last minute
  • Never checking D2L or your email
  • Decide to sleep in and ditch class
  • Not do homework or study for exams/quizzes
  • Party all week
  • Surviving on less than 4 hours of sleep

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