Welcome Weekend!

Last year when I was a freshman, Welcome Weekend 2012 was one of the most exciting events I had ever attended. The football team helped during move-in, student ambassadors got us excited for all of the activities going on and they were always there to answer any and all questions. I met so many new friends who I became close with throughout the year, I found my way around the school, and I got to see the All America Rejects and Neon Trees perform. It was awesome!

I didn’t think any other college experience could top that weekend until Welcome Weekend 2013 arrived. This year I was a New Student Ambassador, following in the footsteps of my NSA’s. Looking back I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends I have ever had.  As an NSA, I was able to provide a great experience for the freshmen by getting them pumped up for events and answering their questions about BenU and college in general, the questions I once had myself. The rewarding experience of helping incoming students break out of their shells wasn’t the only thing I loved about Welcome Weekend; the people I met made the weekend even better. My fellow NSA’s have become like a family to me and every time I see them around campus it’s like a family reunion. I see the students that were in my group around, hanging out with the same kids they met at Welcome Weekend, all with smiles on their faces. We all had a blast creating fun events for the incoming students. With all of the events, such as ice breakers, skits, Playfair, Eagle walk, Eagle fest, bonfire, Plain White T’s concert, and so much more, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Why am I telling you how amazing Welcome Weekend is?

Because I want you to go. This is not a false advertisement, Welcome Weekend really IS epic.  If you’re an incoming freshman, I recommend attending all of the Welcome Weekend events! The incoming students from my group that went to all of the events loved it. They met so many new people going through the same things, feeling the same butterflies and eagerness to start the year off right.  If you’re not a freshman and you want to be apart of Welcome Weekend, become a New Student Ambassador! It’s such a great opportunity to be a leader and help welcome the new students.

It’s really hard to capture my experience with Welcome Weekend 2013 in a single blog. When thinking back to Welcome Weekend, my first time as an NSA, I can’t help but feel extremely happy because I was introduced to so many wonderful people, both NSA’s and freshmen who I have become great friends with. There’s also a rewarding feeling knowing that you were there to help someone start such a huge chapter of their life.


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