The perfect volunteering opportunity!

Are you looking for a great way to give back to your community? Donate some of your time each week to do something selfless. You might ask why should I donate my time if I could be doing homework? Well first of all, it looks great on your resume. You learn life long skills that will help you every step of the way and help you grow professionally. Also, most of the undergraduate and graduate schools now look for whether you have had any volunteer experience in the past. It does not matter where you volunteer as long as you have some hands on experience and step outside of your books. To advance in a medical field, gaining volunteering hours at a hospital will automatically make you a strong candidate.

A great place to consider in Lisle is Morton Arboretum. Also our neighboring town, Naperville, has a lot of opportunities to volunteer and in a variety of fields. If you are interested in health care, the first place to consider would be Edward Hospital which is located on Washington Street and is only ten minutes from our Lisle campus. Another option is Sunrise, which is a nursing home where the residents are waiting for people to come visit them and spend time with them by playing games like bingo or even painting their nails. Similarly, Community Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is also another beautiful place to volunteer and is located fifteen minutes off campus. If your not looking forward to talking to old people how about young kids? Check out the Du page Children’s Museum also located on Washington street. Finally if none of these opportunities sound appealing, make sure to visit  and you will definitely find something that fits well with your major or even hobbies. Volunteering may sound time consuming and a waste of time but it really is not. In fact it is a great learning opportunity so use your time wisely and put your self out there!


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